the truth about pests in and around your home

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the truth about pests in and around your home

Some of the pests in and around your home may seem harmless. Have you overlooked a few ants here and there or signs that a mouse has visited your food pantry through the night? These pests may seem harmless enough, but in reality, they could lead to serious problems in your home. Our blog will show you some of the potential risks of ignoring pests in and around your home. You will learn what pests to eliminate immediately and tips for doing so without putting yourself or your family at risk of any harmful effects of poisons and the traps used to get rid of the pests.

Is That Old Shed Out Back A Rat’s Nest? 3 Tips To Turn It Into A Playhouse Fit For A Princess

24 January 2019
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That old shed out back makes you wish that you had a magic wand to wave to transform it into a beautiful building. While you might not have the ability to turn an old wooden building into a castle, you can easily turn it into a playhouse that is safe and exciting for your child to enjoy during their outside play. As you prep for your latest project, you can use these tips to transform that old shed into a magical wonderland that inspires your child's imagination. Read More …

Three Of The Worst Commercial Pests, What Draws Them, And How To Destroy Them

3 October 2018
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Where humans are, there are pests. There are commercial and retail businesses that have to deal with pests every day, too. Three pests in particular are the worst ones to have to deal with, and they almost always keep coming back. Here is more about these three common pests, what draws them, and how to eradicate them for good. Rats For all of the pesky trouble rats bring, you almost have to respect their boldness. Read More …

How To Keep Rats Out Of Your Home: 5 Tips

31 July 2018
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Rats are not just in larger cities; you can have rats in your home no matter where you live. Rats may come inside looking for food, shelter, and water if they cannot find it outside easily. Rats can contaminate your food, damage your walls, wires and even fabrics inside your home, and they can also carry disease. Rats will breed and can multiply from just a few to many in no time at all. Read More …

Building A New Home? What To Know About Pest Control

31 May 2018
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No one likes the thought of pests in their home. However, many think that pests are only a problem in homes that aren't cleaned properly or in older homes. However, even new construction homes can be plagued with infestations from the beginning. Pests such as rodents, termites, ants, and more can infest your home even during the construction process. If you are building a new home, it's very important to keep pest control in mind during the construction process. Read More …

Pest Control Could Keep Black Bears At Bay

25 January 2017
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Pests bother a lot of people, but not everyone is bothered by their presence to the same degree. Calling in a pest control service to deal with mice or even possums and raccoons is not pressing for everyone. They put the duty of dealing with pests off. After all, these are just small animals. Black bears, however, are not small. The large predators have survived in populated areas in which grizzlies could not. Read More …